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Day 46 - Glen Pass

Day 46 - Glen Pass

VeeStamats Jun 12th, 2022
Mr. Clean's 2022 PCT Thru-Hike

Today Tiny Dancer convinced me to bring out the inflatable in Rae Lakes. Best. Move. Ever.

After four treacherous miles summitting Glen Pass, we needed some TLC and a lake day so we found a beautiful spot by the fifth of many many lakes and set up lunch.

All of us took a go in the inflatable and had an impromptu photo session. The water was freezing but the air was warm with few mosquitos.

We finished the day with a few more miles, crossed the famous suspension pedestrian bridge, passed the “waterslide” which is a terrible name for a horribly dangerous slanted waterfall that no human should ever “ride”, passed mile 800, and ended at a site below the summit of the next pass where swarms of mosquitos quickly had us in rain gear rushing to do our chores in the tent.

Tons of milestones, much needed relaxation, great day overall.

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