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Day 88

Day 88

Mixedup Jun 14th, 2022
Mixedup's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

I hiked 21.1 miles today. It was a nice short day today. I passed through Dalton today so I had a sub there for lunch and I’m now at Harbour House inn near Cheshire, Massachusetts. I resupplied today so tomorrow might be a little tough cause first thing in the morning I climb mt. Greylock which is the first mountain over 3,000 feet in a long time. Some of the water sources up here don’t look so great they look almost orange but I’ve lived through it so far so I’m sure it’s fine. There was trail magic again today it was just a guy going out for a day hike and he dropped off an ice chest with drinks and apples but he also had cookies setting out while we were there so that was cool. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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Comments (2)

Mary-Ann Jun 15th, 2022

Wow you are making good mileage !! Praying your tick bite will not harm you !!! So happy for your special treats along the way !!!

luvmykids9 Jun 14th, 2022

Nice views. Every day gets you closer to the goal!!! ❤️❤️🙏🙏