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Day 84

Day 84

Mixedup Jun 10th, 2022
Mixedup's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

I went 24.2 miles today. It was a super gravy day I blue blazed today for the first time for this long, the trail went up a mountain and walked the ridge line but I hiked on a back road that stayed along a river. At this point I don’t really care how I get it done I just want to get done. I went into Kent, Connecticut today for shoes and socks and got some lunch while I was there. It was kinda raining today the thing is it wasn’t water it was raining caterpillars they were all over the trees and the ground and it sounded like it was raining because so many were dropping out of the trees. I had a bunch drop on me, at one point I had like 3 on my pants and 2 on my shoulders and more bouncing off my head and pack. I am in Connecticut now but only for a little more. I’m staying at a motel pretty close to the trail because it worked out and it’s nice to get a shower and sleep without mosquitoes buzzing around my head half the night. I ordered some Stromboli and garlic bread from a pizza place for supper which was really good. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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Comments (2)

Mary-Ann Jun 10th, 2022

So happy for you !! Now your speedy shoes will get you there very soon !! Hallelujah !! But those caterpillars would freak me out

love4ever618 Jun 10th, 2022

You’re getting closer to the finish line every day! Keep up the good work.