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Day 107

Day 107

Last Call Jun 9th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

I had an amazing sleep last night. The best sleep on this trip. I am so thankful to Zipper and his family. We had breakfast in the morning and then they dropped me off in Duncannon before taking Zipper up further north as he’s about 15 miles ahead of me. After walking through Duncannon and crossing the bridge, I had the climb up to the ridge and then started the Rocksylvania boulder scramble. It wasn’t too bad after that once on the ridge. I had just gotten a late start and there’s no water up here so I stopped at Peters Mountain Shelter and had to do a long descent down to the pipe spring; over 300 rock steps down the cliff. It was rough climbing back up. I made sure to get enough water for tonight and tomorrow. I don’t want to do that water run twice. Okay, calling it a night. Got about 18 miles planned tomorrow. I was the first tent put up in a small tenting area by this shelter and after I ate dinner and walked by my tent, I’m now surrounded by a bunch of ladies who set up their tents all around mine. They just started their hikes recently as flip-floppers.

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