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Day 105

Day 105

Last Call Jun 7th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

I ended up having that campsite to myself last night and I was able to get 5G service up there. I was able to make a video call to family and it was a great way to finish the day. This morning, I packed up, downed a 590 calorie jumbo honey bun and hiked down to Boiling Springs, where I stopped at Cafe 101 and had a real breakfast; I devoured a Mexican skillet and chai latte. The trail today was so super easy and flat-ish. Rain was coming so it was cloudy and windy, which is quite nice actually. It kept the temperature down. Most of the day was hiking through farmland that, according to the signs I passed, was kept up by the ATC. It was a neat change of pace walking through fields of newly sprouting corn plants and wheat fields. Before I reached Route 11, it started to sprinkle and I knew the rains were coming. I walked over the overpass and took a side trail down to the road. I love that there are “no pedestrian”’signs everywhere yet according to the waitress at the diner, no one cares. They have hikers walking around that street all the time. I got to the Quality Inn (not nearly as nice as the one in Harper’s Ferry) and was able to get my laundry done and placed an Instacart order for my resupply. I think I got too much food. Hope my food bag fits in my backpack. I pigged out on Indian for dinner, got my shower, charged everything up and ready to get some sleep, breakfast in the morning and then head off towards Duncannon. Now that I’m all cleaned up and have way too much food, I’m just going to stop early at the last shelter before Duncannon so I can enter that town in the morning, go to the outfitter to replace the tips on my trekking poles, enjoy a nice breakfast in town and just relax and check the place out until lunch time when I’ll go to the Doyle Hotel, a famous hiker hotel, and get lunch and a few beers (all thanks to the amazing VenMo gifts from my friends who wanted to give me trail magic for reaching the halfway point) and then when I’m feeling fat & happy, I’ll hike out of the town to a campsite outside of it.

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