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Day 37

Day 37

VeeStamats Jun 2nd, 2022
Mr. Clean's 2022 PCT Thru-Hike

Rattlesnakes, sunrise, and trail magic oh my! What a beautiful day. Tim and I decided to start our hike today separately to give us both the chance to hike at our own pace for a while, and simultaneously give my introvert side some much needed recharging time. This meant that I woke and hit trail just before sunrise (5:20), and caught sunrise 1 mile in atop a ridge line. I hiked without seeing a soul for seven miles, taking in the gorgeous mountainous scenery and views.

I started to hike with my friend Shauna around mile 8, and we steadily made it through all three ascents of the day and 18 miles before Tim caught up to us at 1:30 pm during a long lunch break.

Tim and I finished the remaining seven miles in the heat of the day, which is normally terrible, but ours ended with trail magic sodas and chili! Kim’sdad was set up with folding chairs, tent, water, food, and good company, and is there every other work for just three days. I finally feel so lucky with my trial magic timing!

I had two rattlesnake encounters, both close calls with very upset snakes. That brings me to 13 sightings in 700 miles. Can’t wait to have fewer snakes in my life.

This was a good 25 miles, and tomorrow’s 21 take us to the notorious Kennedy Meadows and the end of the Desert!!!

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