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Day 20 - McDonald’s

Day 20 - McDonald’s

VeeStamats May 15th, 2022
Mr. Clean's 2022 PCT Thru-Hike

We got our much-awaited McDonalds (breakfast and lunch) and Tim purchase enough McDoubles to last him the next 1.5 days until our next resupply location. Don’t ask me how he survived on McDonalds for 1.5 days. It’s a mystery.

The bubble of hikers behind us finally started to catch up this morning. Two of our friends we hadn’t seen in days passed us in the morning after they hiked 53 miles over two days to catch McDonald’s for breakfast. We had a lovely 17.7 mile day hiking up multiple hills out toward Wrightwood, passed across Highway 66, through the darkest tunnel I’ve ever seen, and up into the mountains.

The grade of the climb was so manageable that my shin splints were barely bothered and we had a lovely overcast sky proving ample breezes and shade. We feel that somehow we must have earned good hiking karma to have had that weather on the climb.

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