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Day 58

Day 58

Mixedup May 15th, 2022
Mixedup's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

I hiked 21 miles today. I would love to leave it at just that but alas the day happened😞. This morning was probably the hardest morning I’ve had on trail thus far. It wasn’t that the weather was bad or that it was hard hiking because the weather was nice and hiking comparatively easy. I think it had more to do with the fact that I got into camp at 8 or 8:30 last night so I couldn’t read my Bible because it was dark and also because I hadn’t been able to call anyone due to bad service or my phone acting up, in the last couple days. But the day sorta turned around and got better I stopped at a wayside for early lunch and had probably 2,000 calories in one sitting then 3 hours later I had late lunch at a shelter with about 1,000 calories worth of food so I probably had over 5,000 calories today. Kirsten came down again and picked me up at a gap so we’re in Front Royal, Virginia right now and it was super nice getting a shower and doing laundry after all the rain. Oh by the way I got more wet this afternoon than ever before on trail. I was so drenched it was like walking through a pond waist deep in the water with pants and socks and shoes on. It does not feel good getting wet but then once your fully drenched you just got to deal with it. Walking in soggy socks really does a wack job on the feet but I’ll get over that eventually. You know the days wet and bad when I only take one picture all day everything cool and beautiful I saw today it just didn’t look picture worthy but I did see a lot of God’s creation that was picture worthy I just kept hiking right on by😒😢that’s my bad. Lookin forward to tomorrow.

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Comments (2)

crystalm May 15th, 2022

Sorry about the hard day! I am glad you could have second breakfast, and elevensies... ;)

love4ever618 May 15th, 2022

That’s awesome that Kirsten could come! Keep up the good, hard work! Hopefully you can see some family & friends more frequently now that you’re getting closer to PA.