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Day 80

Day 80

Last Call May 13th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

Rain, rain, go away! Definitely a wet day. Started off with fogginess after the overnight and morning rain stopped. All day, it would burst with rain on and off. I was only 3.9 miles away from my goal of John’s Hollow Shelter, right in front of Matts Creek Shelter, when the sky REALLY opened up. Stinks it started pouring before I got to my goal but at least I was just walking up to a shelter so I could dive in out of the rain. Trail days in Damascus has started so probably why there was only three of us in the shelter last night. I’m out here to hike and to continue this pilgrimage so I did not plan to spend the money necessary to shuttle all the way back to Damascus for trail days and party with large groups of people. While a part of me would have enjoyed it and the camaraderie with fellow hikers, I just want to hike.

So after the rains stopped while I was waiting at that shelter, I continued on and crossed the James River Foot Bridge. Finally, I arrived at Johns Hollow Shelter. There’s clearly holes in the roof here so even with the threat of more rain and possibly a thunderstorm, I’m in my tent. Better than a hole riddled shelter. Oh, there’s a caterpillar at this campsite that, at least to me, has a cool pattern on its back that look like cartoon penguins. I just got a kick out of that. (I think I’ve been out here too long. LOL)

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