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7 — San Felipe Mts

7 — San Felipe Mts

KimmyD May 12th, 2022
KimmyD's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Mile 77.3 Scissors Crossing/Julian — 93.2 (15.9 miles)

Rose: talking to Casey while I hiked Bud: the stars tonight, hiking earlier when it’s cooler Thorn: the heat, the unrelenting sun

It feels hot today. The Trail Angel “Professor” who drove us back to Scissors Crossing this morning said the high would be 99* in Julian but cooler in the mountains where we were headed. I was glad to get an early start at 7:30, especially since it would be a 14 mile walk before the next water source. My newly laundered shirt was soaked through with sweat by 8:30.

The climb out of Scissors Crossing was hard. 1000’ over the first 2 miles. My body felt sluggish getting back into the hiking, and my pack was heavy with the extra food and water. Everyone complained about their heavy packs this morning. After the climb up, the trail wove around the outside of the mountain range for most of the morning. For once I was in the lead of my group and a little bored, so I called Casey and talked while I walked for about an hour. It was nice to have that service and devote some time to conversation instead of my rushed logistic talks at my resupplies.

The landscape has truly become the desert: hot, dry, rocky, cactus, and very little/no shade. By noon I was desperately seeking some shade. Thankfully the wind died down enough to use my umbrella. I gave up on shade and plopped down on the side of the trail cowering under my little umbrella. Several of my group have now passed me. My feet are so hot. I will carry on in a bit.

I rested for about 45 minutes, braved the sun again for 45 minutes, found a better spot of shade (still used my umbrella to cover my legs though), rested for 45 minutes, then was lured out by Lucy to make the last two mile push to the water cache at mile 14.

The cache was multiple pallets of big water jugs maintained by Trail Angels and the PCTA. Thank god for them. Everyone was hot and thirsty. Thankfully, there was also shade here, so I found my group and rested again. With only two miles left to our planned campsite, we were able to rest in the shade until 5 pm.

Most of us are cowboy camping tonight: no tents, just our ground cloths, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags open to the stars, our belongings scattered around us. It’s a cloudless night and it’s not supposed to get too cold. I haven’t been cold at night yet thankfully. I thankfully, the moon is rather bright, almost full. I’ll have to pull my hat over my eyes in order to sleep. And with a nearly full moon, the stars are very faint.

Tomorrow we’re starting early to beat the heat: 5am. I hope I don’t have to inflate my sleeping mat too many times tonight.

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