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Day 78

Day 78

Last Call May 11th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

Gotta love these days with amazing weather because it will be raining again before I know it. (Rains and maybe a thunderstorm again is expected on Friday.) For how, I’ll enjoy the bright green in the trees and ground and the blue sky. The view today zigzagging the Blue Ridge Parkway was spectacular and I’m loving how brightly green the mountains are now. We caught a family dropping off their father who’s hiking with their support and they were putting out trail magic. Love getting fresh fruit! For lunch, I combined a sort of “Elvis wrap” if you will. He liked peanut butter sandwiches with banana and bacon so on street taco sized tortillas, I squeezed on almond butter with banana chips and Jack Links Bacon Jerky. It hit the spot and was nice doing something different. Only issue was the banana chips. All I could find were the Naked brand, which are extra baked so they are very dry and crunchy. It made it more like chewing rocks in a peanut butter sandwich but the flavor was good. I made it the 17 miles to Jennings Creek where the lady running Middle Creek Campground picked me up. They have an amazing resupply selection here and I ordered a double bacon hamburger with fries! I heard their burgers were good but, WOW! They grow their own cows so it’s also the freshest burger I’ve ever had! Just amazing! Just to be a real glutton, and because I need all the calories I can get, I finished with a Blue Moon beer and a double scoop of orange sherbert. It’s great they have a hiker lounge where I ended up hanging out with Donuts, Short Rib, Kentucky, Pyro and Go-Go. I might be paying $10 to tent but I think it’s worth it. I have an outlet with drinking water on tap next to my tent and I’m looking forward to getting homemade biscuits & gravy for only $4 in the morning. I’ll stick around until 8am for that! Then I’ll grab a roll of TP as the only thing I really need to resupply right now and then head back out on trail. My 2nd pair of shoes wore out quick! The tread is almost flat! It has been EXTREMELY rocky so they definitely took a beating. The bottom of my feet are really feeling it so I went ahead and ordered my 3rd pair shipping to Stanimals Hostel in Waynesboro. Now I definitely need to stay there as I will have two packages waiting for me. I’m waiting to see what happens after this rain and if I should still be on track to get there on the 18th before I call them to make a reservation. Hoping to get a private room or the alcove but I guess I’ll take a bunk if I need to. If I want to get my budget back on track, I need to do cheaper options than my own private room in hotels.

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