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Day 29

Day 29

Matt Poole (House) May 5th, 2022
House's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

20ish miles

It’s only two and a half day hike into the town of Roan Mountain for a resupply. Today we set off intending to do 24 miles. The weather was slightly hot and always humid. I literally sweat even when it’s 50 degrees in this humidity. It’s ridiculous. I always roll into a shelter just absolutely dripping sweat and red as a fire hydrant. Everyone else looks like they’ve only walked through a mister. I don’t get it. I don’t think I’m that much more out of shape than everyone else. Oh well.

Anyways, 20 miles into the day and about 4 miles from where we planned on staying there was a side trail to a mountain top. We decide last minute to go up there for a nice sunset dinner and maybe get a nice sunrise the next morning.

Like I said it has been great weather all day, sunny and hot. Had no reason to think it would change but I swear as soon as we headed down that side trail to go to the mountain top a enormous grey cloud appeared out of nowhere. We said screw it and stuck to the plan. We were too far in at this point. We get to the top and set up our camp, grab our dinner supplies and head to the outlook. It wasn’t too bad. The view was alright except for obstructed gradually darkening. We had dinner and dessert. Kidded around and laughed at our misfortune. Never did get a sunset but the company was top tier.

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