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Day 77

Day 77

Last Call May 10th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

Beautiful day with temps starting around 43 and slowly climbed to 70. Nice breeze and a sunny blue sky. Only had one climb that was over 1,000 ft but it was long and well graded. All the trees are filling with leaves and there is green everywhere. The guy at the outfitter the other day said we were about a week away from really being in the green tunnel. I’m enjoying the green with the blue sky. Much better than everything being brown and looking dead. Flowers are everywhere from the rhododendrons to daisies and mountain laurel. A new hostel opening up put out a sign marking the “1/3 way to Katahdin” sign. As a reward, I saw a deer running through the meadow to the side. Too fast to get a picture, unfortunately. I stopped at Fullhardt Knob Shelter to have lunch (dbl oatmeal creme pie, baby carrots and sour patch kids… yum!) There’s no water near this shelter so it has rain gutters that collects water and deposits it into a cistern that you can then pump the rain water from. After lunch, I headed on. I wanted a nice relaxing day today so I planned an 11.2 mile day to Wilson Creek Shelter. There’s so many nice tent spots all around this shelter. So far, we’re 4 tents and a hammock and there’s no one actually in the shelter itself. I’m one of two thru-hikers. The other three are only section hiking this area. I got to this shelter with a good 5 hours left of sunlight but I don’t care. This is the way I should be all the time. Just relaxed, enjoying the outdoors, stopping when I want to and just kicking back chatting with other hikers. I will do a 17 mile day tomorrow where I’ll then call for a free shuttle to Middle Creek Campground. I could have resupplied there but I already grabbed way too much food while in Daleville. I’ll still go to the campground to camp there. Yeah, I think it will cost me $10 but I can keep my electronics charged, take another shower and I hear a rumor they have the best bacon hamburger on the trail. We shall see about that! I don’t remember if I mentioned this before and I’m too lazy to go read my last posts (LOL) but I want to get to Waynesboro by the 18th. I plan to stay at Stanimals 328 Hostel, hopefully in a private room, and I have a new hip belt for my pack being sent there. I’ve lost so much weight that my medium sized hip belt is too large so I ordered the small. I’ll head to the post office then and send my medium hip belt home. I’m sure I’ll grow back into it once this hike is over. LOL!

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