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Day 4 - Laguna Mts

Day 4 - Laguna Mts

KimmyD May 9th, 2022
KimmyD's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Mile 41.5 Mt Laguna — 56.2 Laguna Mountains (14.7 miles)

Rose: no ascending! Just rolling hills! Bud: Good views, scissors crossing, warmth Thorn: Constant & often cold wind

Out tents survived the night! My sleeping pad has a pin-sized hole though. It’s mostly fine if I don’t jostle too much, but I did have to reinflate it a couple times in the night. I think it’ll do for this next stretch, and I’ll replace it at the gear store in Julian.

The gang got a late start, which was fine considering the cooler temps today. It’s still pretty windy but not big buffeting gusts like last night. It helps cool us off as we hike in the sun. Although it’s a little chilly in the shade now. We put on wind breakers and sometimes wind pants at every break.

The scenery is different today. Whereas the first three days were primarily shrubs and boulders as we ascended, today started in the pine forest. The shrubs (and lack of trees) returned after an hour, but the topography is a lot easier. After three straight days of gently ascending, today we’re walking along the mountain plateau and meandering around ridges. It’s rolling but mostly flat with drop offs on our right. The views to the east are of a dry brown desert valley and crumbling mountain ranges. The water carries haven’t been as long today either or maybe I’m just getting used to planning my stops along water.

The body aches and pains are also a little more tolerable. Every day, every hour alternates on some new muscle or tendon that is sore, pulled, or irritated. After lunch yesterday, my feet were so tender that I couldn’t push on. Today it seems to be a rotation of complaining muscles in my right leg. You just push through, do a stretch, and see if the pain lasts for more than 15 min.

I have a little tramily going: Angel, Mitch, Rebekah, and Semi. I seem to be the cautious “let’s take it easy” voice.

We would generally hike alone but scrunch up at water sources and camp. I end up leapfrogging and hiking near Angel often.

We had “first lunch” at our first water fill up after Mt Laguna: 7 miles down trail and a spigot next to a trailhead. We had “second lunch” and a short nap 4 miles farther at a day use picnic area with another spigot and a pit toilet! I love avoiding digging a cat hole when I can.

After one last leg of an hour and a half of hiking (3.5 miles), we made camp at the last camp that had decent wind protection—but it’s still very windy. We’ve been joined at camp by another group. It’s very crowded and very windy. Another semi restless night.

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