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Day 75

Day 75

Last Call May 8th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

It was a cold start to the morning, 41 F. At least it wasn’t raining anymore. As soon as I came up to the first ledge viewpoint, I was mentally kicking myself for being such an IDIOT and hiking yesterday, getting a mild case of hypothermia and shivering under my quilt with everything soaked. (Not only did my rain get wet out completely but the waterproof liner I had in my pack got holes in it and had a cup of water in it soaking my sleeping pad. Thank goodness my down quilt, hoodie and sleep socks and ditty bag with electronics, first aid, etc, were all in their own waterproof DCF bags.) Here I stood, looking at an amazing view. I could see everything below. No fog blocking my view. Even the thick clouds above looked cool! Why didn’t I just follow my plan! I could of had an amazing view at McAfee Knob. I’ll go the rest of this hike dreading that decision. Anyway, the views today were wonderful! I hiked with ease and got to Daleville. After playing Frogger, trying to get across a VERY busy street, I got over to the Super8 for one of the nicest rooms I’ve seen for such a budget hotel. The taqueria in front of it was amazing and I devoured two steak chimichangas with rice and beans, a chicken enchilada on the side, two margaritas and finished with fried ice cream. Best part is I don’t feel guilty. LOL! I’m already looking forward to 3’Li’l Pigs BBQ tomorrow for lunch then maybe the taqueria again for dinner.

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