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Day 74

Day 74

Last Call May 7th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

Last night was CRAZY! It’s like a tropical storm was born right over top of Virginia. My nerves were shaken a couple times in the tent, especially when we received a tornado warning. Everything held up well though. My tent is a mess as is my backpack since I propped it up against the side where splash back was making it into the tent. I also didn’t stick to my plan. I had to get up to get my food bag and then I just saw so many people, from thru-hikers to day hikers, passing by that I thought, “So it’s lightly raining. It doesn’t seem foggy. Maybe I’ll just have a wet view.” I’m an idiot! I should have stayed put, but no, I had to pack up and hike on anyway. Yep! McAfee Knob was COMPLETELY socked in with fog. I got a fellow hiker to take a bunch of pics using my phone and then I did the same for him. There’s no view but it’s kind of interesting in the fog. I’ll just HAVE to come back and do the VA Triple Crown again when the weather is nice. It rained on me constantly and it dropped to around 49 degrees for most of the day. Cold and wet! That’s me! Oh, and my nylofume bag in my backpack has a hole so it got water inside wetting my sleeping pad. At least my down quilt is in a waterproof stuff sack and I use DCF pods to hold my clothes and as a “ditty bag” for everything else like electronics, first aid, etc. That kept all that dry. I have my backpack hanging in the tent vestibule by my trekking pole strap to let it drip dry since it’s soaking wet too. I just should of stayed put! Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy but no rain. I might not have gotten a view anyway but I wouldn’t be soaked. Only my tent would have been wet. No view at Tinker Cliffs either. Oh well. What’s done is done. I have a little over 9 miles to hike into Daleville tomorrow and will be staying 2 nights at the Super8 so I can get all my Relive videos posted and dry everything out. I think there’s an outfitter there so I’m hoping they sell ULA stuff so I can get a size small hip belt. This size medium belt on my pack is now too large for me. I have it as tight as I can get it but I need to tighten it more. I would really like to know how much weight I’ve lost. It sucks. If I would have slowed some sections down so I could be here on Monday, I would of had blue skies and white puffy clouds. I’m trying not to dwell on it but it’s bumming me out. I get that there will be lots of rainy days in the Virginia section this time of year but I didn’t want it to be the day of the most iconic spot on trail. Fingers crossed I get good weather in the White Mountains in New Hampshire at least. That’s it for today. I’m cold and still damp so warming up under my quilt and hoping the rain stops soon so I can get out and cook dinner. I’m starving!

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