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Day 73

Day 73

Last Call May 6th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

Okay, I still think I’m crazy but I’m sticking to my plan. Even though it stopped raining for me to pack up before 8am and here I lay in my tent at 5pm and it’s just now barely sprinkling. I could have pushed on and seen McAfee Knob by now but I did hear from a couple day hikers when I got to the Catawba Mountain Shelter that the view up there was still socked in but looks like it could burn off a bit. At this point, I still plan to hunker down in my tent, even over tomorrow and not hike out until early Sunday morning. The weather report seems to be wrong most of the time but it still says it’s all rain all day tomorrow. Of course, I got thunderstorm and tornado warnings earlier it’s barely sprinkling. We’ll see. The view today was cool just because of the fog. It gave most of the day that creepy haunted forest look. Love it! There was also a lot of cow pastures. It’s also the first day I’ve seen The rhododendrons in bloom! So many beautiful flowers popping up everywhere. Gotta love spring. That’s it for today. My tent is pitched the best I could ever pitch it for heavy rains. I have rocks now also on my stakes. I’m ready for whatever comes tonight and tomorrow. Bring it! (Virginia really needs the rain too! So dry!)

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