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Day 72

Day 72

Last Call May 5th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

Well, I’m sticking with my crazy plan. I want good weather for McAfee Knob so I didn’t push the crazy 22 mile day I originally had planned. I’m really glad I didn’t. I took my time today and it made it much more enjoyable. If that’s what you call hiking while sweating like crazy in the heat but not having a decent water source at all along the whole 12+ miles. Oh, only big creek that’s really flowing is listed as being possibly contaminated. Lovely! I was able to refill all 2.7 liters I carry from a tiny trickle of water. It took me almost 10 minutes to do so. I’m kind of happy for the rains coming. Virginia needs it! What was really cool was passing the 700 mile mark today, finding some Pink Lady Slipper orchids and then seeing Dragon’s Tooth. I didn’t linger long. Took a few quick pics and then started the long climb down the steep rocks. Dragon’s Tooth was overrun with teens hanging out up there. I just wanted to get to camp. Zipper caught up with me and we’re camped next to each other. I was leery of this site since it is right where the AT splits from the blue trail down to the parking lot. Funny thing is, it worked out. Ended up giving us trail magic. I’ve already had a Coke, a Root Beer and a Coors Light. (Barely a beer but, hey, cannot be choosie out here. LOL!) I expect to wake up to rain and for it to continue all day, night and into Saturday. I’m only doing 9.5 AT miles tomorrow with just shy of an additional mile walking out to Katawba Grocery where I’ll resupply to get me thru my planned zero in my tent to wait out the rains and then to finish the VA Triple Crown area and get into Daleville on Sunday.

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