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Day 69

Day 69

Last Call May 2nd, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

I really enjoyed my zero yesterday. While the Plaza Motel was REALLY old and bare bones, it had what I needed: a toilet tub/shower and a comfortable bed. Unfortunately, the people above me were walking a marathon in stone shoes while talking constantly at full volume. Nothing ear plugs couldn’t fix though. I really liked the Mexican restaurant and the “all you can eat” Chinese buffet. Although, that lunch was full of excitement when a fellow hiker passed out and hit the floor. He was either seriously dehydrated or low blood sugar. Luckily, he was okay afterwards. First thing this morning, I got all dressed up in my summer hiking gear, grabbed breakfast and then went to the post office to mail out the last of my winter gear. I still have the basics to get me through any cold spells but I’m now down to whatever I’m taking all the way. The first half of today’s hike was all incline once I got out of town and into the woods. After that, it was a very long ridge walk by power lines or in the woods with LOTS of rocks. The other problem is that this is a very dry section. I am glad I grabbed another 1 Liter bottle in town because I filled two 1 Liter bottles and my 700 ml bottle right before reaching the shelter, which had no water near it and found the last water source after that for the next 10 miles. Yikes! This is the first night I’m camped somewhere where I don’t have water nearby. With how hot it has been, I’ve downed my 700ml and then killed a whole liter with dinner and drinking the rest. Used the last liter bottle (did I mention I’m glad I got another one?) to refill my 700ml to drink tomorrow morning and am drinking the last of the 300ml tonight. I will definitely be spending extra time planning water sources for now on. Looks like gone are the days where I’m passing water at least every half hour. I made it to camp. There are 5 other people camping here too. Lots of people out here. Time to put in my earplugs and doze off.

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