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Day 45

Day 45

Mixedup May 2nd, 2022
Mixedup's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

I hiked 23.6 miles today. Well to be honest today was one of those days where nothing goes right and yet everything ended up alright. There was supposed to be a thunderstorm today but that never showed up which was nice except I had my rain coat on expecting rain and it didn’t come. Which means I absolutely soaked literally all the clothes on my body it’s kinda gross but we must hike on through the grossness and smell. I passed the 700 mile marker today and I’m staying at John’s spring shelter at mile 711.5. I’m gonna go past Mcafee knob first thing tomorrow morning. Mcafee knob is one of the most photographed places on the Appalachian trail so hopefully I’ll have a good view tomorrow morning. There were some super sketchy parts on the trail today there were part’s where I had to step down on super thin ledges and I kinda had to hug the side away from the edge to stay balanced. But we made it through the scary stuff and made it out alive so I’m all good. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow so I’m lookin forward to that and I’ll most likely get into town tomorrow so that will be super nice. Lookin forward to tomorrow.

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Karissa :) May 2nd, 2022

Praying for continued safety and endurance 🙏🏼 glad you can find joy in the little things :) pretty pics.