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Day 44

Day 44

Mixedup May 1st, 2022
Mixedup's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

I hiked 18.4 miles today. It rained almost all day today so that was fun. Being wet hiking all day kinda tears you down after a while but tomorrow looks like thunderstorms so should be interesting. I saw a turtle just sitting on the trail today which surprised me but it was cool. Nearer the end of the day today I passed the eastern continental divide so that happened. It was super foggy today but it was kinda weird because the fog would clear up then I would see the fog come rollin in, up the mountain and cover everything up again. It was some pretty cool sights with the fog though. I hope all my stuff semi drys out tonight but I guess if it rains and storms tomorrow it doesn’t matter if it drys tonight cause I’ll get wet tomorrow should be fun. I’m lookin forward to it.

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kirsten May 2nd, 2022

Breaktaking! 😍 Cheering you on and praying for you very much🙏🙏