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Day 22

Day 22

Matt Poole (House) May 1st, 2022
House's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

13 miles

Town step on again today. We are finally getting in to Hot Springs, NC. I’m the first up as usually when there’s a town in sight. The hiking today is ups and downs with one long decent into town.

I arrive around 11 am and wait at the local diner with a cup of coffee for my trail family to arrive. Anvil arrives shortly after with Two Tone and Max in tow. The serving sizes are monsterous here. I can barely finish all this food even with my hiker hunger. All for like $12 too. I love the south! That breakfast would’ve been twice as much and not served with half as much class.

We booked an Airbnb for our tramily because it was cheaper than each of us getting our own bunks at the hostel. It was a furnished basement with the owners living above. They were young and hippyish and so nice. They offered to do our laundry for only a couple of dollars and of course we took them up on that. We watched a movie in the meantime while everyone showers and once the clothes come back we are off to get more food. The hunger is insatiable.

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