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Day 67

Day 67

Last Call Apr 30th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

Slept in. It’s going to be lightly raining off and on for most of the day. I only had 2.4 mile to hike to the road that would take me down to Pearisburg and to my motel. As I approached the road, a car from Angel’s Rest Hostel pulled up to drop off hikers on trail and the guy was kind enough to drive me to the motel. Saved me the extra walking! I very much appreciated it. I left my pack at the motel and headed off quickly to the barber shop to try and get a much needed haircut and clean up the beard but unfortunately the guy there only takes appointments and couldn’t get me in until Wednesday. Ugh! What barber shop only takes appointments? That’s a salon. Trying to call it a barber shop so you can keep your manly appearance? Anyway, maybe I can get a haircut in Daleville. I was able to grab some KT tape at Walgreens before heading back to wait for my room. Linda, who runs the hotel, is very nice! She has been washing hiker’s laundry for 26 years… FOR FREE! A room for $55 a night and laundry done for free is fantastic! Yes, the place is OLD and the room is a very basic motel room but it’s clean and all I need. I am always excited for a taqueria so I’m sure you know I was thrilled when I saw a Mexican grill right across the street. I ordered a massive margarita and two chimichangas (one steak & one chicken). It’s fun sitting in a busy restaurant wearing nothing but my rain gear. I couldn’t wait for my clothes to be washed. Figured I’d get lunch while my clothes are being washed. After this, I’ll shower and relaxed the rest of the day. Tomorrow, I can do my resupply and prepare for the next big push towards Daleville.

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