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Day 65

Day 65

Last Call Apr 29th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

Another long day! 20.2 AT miles but actual miles was 21.23. Today was a new record and my left leg feels it. I think I’m struggling with Achilles tendinitis. When in town, I’ll need to find some KT tape and tape it up. I think I’ll put my calf compressions back on too, just in case it helps.

So I hiked about 8.2 miles today and hit the 600 mile mark. I’m definitely going faster. It took me 14 days to hit my 100 mark then the 200 mark. The 300, 400 and 500 mile marks took 9 days each. I got to the 600 mark in 7 days. Woot! Not a lot of views today but the ones I did see made for good pictures. With only a couple miles left to go to Dismal Falls, where I’m tenting, I met Paint Splash after the suspension walkway bridge. She was doing trail magic while painting. She’s well known as the lady who’s done most of the murals in some of the most popular hostels and sites all up and down the AT. The picture I have of me and other hikers in front of a mural at Above The Clouds Hostel is her largest mural to date. It was nice meeting her. Dismal Falls is incredible! I love the flat rocks and all the places you can sit and soak your feet in the water. Man, is that water cold! I don’t know how Taps kept his feet in the water for 10 minutes. He has a high pain threshold. I had my feet in the water for 10 seconds and had to pull them out because the pain was so bad. Submerging your feet in freezing cold water hurts! I’m sure it would have been good for my feet but I just couldn’t keep them in the water. I cooked dinner by the falls and just relaxed. Got my tent up in my own little area and my food bag is hung. It was a good day. Planning an 18.5 for tomorrow.

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