OHT Day 1 Nov 20, 2020

OHT Day 1 Nov 20, 2020

mattrobinson Nov 20th, 2020

We got started this morning around 6:45-7 from the Lake Fort Smith trailhead. The first 5 miles or so just get you around the lake then you start some light climbing towards the East. The elevation wasn't terrible, but it is pretty rocky.

Weather was mostly cloudy with highs probably nearing 70. The humidity is not something I missed.

The trail was small ups and down until we got to Mile 17.7, White Rock Mountain. White Rock has incredible vista views with established campsites, cabins, and a small general store. We stopped at the general store to charge our phones and bought ice cream sandwiches. Watched a great sunset with good views to the West and South.

My feet are pretty beat up and I'm hoping I can keep them in better shape tomorrow.

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Forrest Gump Nov 21st, 2020

Hope your feet feel better! I know my first few days are always rough.