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Day 170

Day 170

Gold Rush Aug 23rd, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

8/21/21 Leaving Beaver Brook Shelter climbed down about 2,000 feet a very steep trail which the Beaver Brook ran next to with it’s frequent water falls. Got trail magic at parking area at NH 112. Started climbing up and one of my trekking poles snapped. I loved these poles. Climbed 1,600 feet to Mount Wolf (3,478 ft). Passed Eliza Brook Shelter and light rain started. It was getting dark. Had to decide wether to keep hiking over the Kinsmans or stay there. There was talk of a hurricane coming in and rain had stopped so continue on. No cell service and Michele was supposed to pick me up the next morning and there was no way I could get there if I hadn’t done the Kinsmans. The AT(Kinsman Ridge Trail) was very steep at least the last 1/2 mile requiring using my hands. I’ve hiked the Kinsmans from 2 other directions and I can see why no one goes this way unless there doing the AT. No rain but foggy and sun had set when I reached South Kinsman (4,358) feet. One thru hiker with a Siberian Husky passed me on my way to North Kinsman (4,293) feet. I’ve done the trail connecting the 2 mountains numerous times. Dark by then. Descended steeply to Kinsman Pond Shelter but it was 9:30 PM got water. No tent platforms and didn’t want to disturb people in the shelter. So continued down the steep trail and at nearly 11:00 PM found a flat spot near the trail and cowboy camped. Long day of difficult hiking only 13.7 miles but 4,532 feet climbing and 4,434 descending.

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