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Day 87

Day 87

Forrest Gump Jul 20th, 2021
Forrest Gump's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

I woke around 6 today and felt very tired. I packed up and headed to the visitor center to charge devices and get WiFi. I called Robin as I ate breakfast then headed out. I needed to do over 30 today to get to Dunsmuir on time. The trail followed a road next to a reservoir and then we crossed a bridge over a dam. The hiking was easy. We started a large climb so I put music on but honestly it wasn’t a bad climb at all. It was just long.

I stopped for a break and water 9 miles in. I met up with Rugrat who I’d met the day before Idyllwild. We chatted and caught up. I hiked another 8 miles to the next water. To be honest I was feeling very beat by the time I arrived. I had a decent sized lunch of random snacks with half a brick of smoked cheese and a pack of salmon. I went on another 10 miles to the next water. Again, feeling very sore by the end of the stretch. I met rugrat again and made dinner before the last stretch. I called my siblings to chat as I walked. I had a glorious view of Shasta as the sun was going down. The trail skirted a cliff that looked at Shasta and the valley below toward Oregon. It was beautiful.

I arrived at a wonderful camp spot. I ate dinner and climbed into my tent. I was beat. 33 miles today.

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