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Day 86

Day 86

Forrest Gump Jul 19th, 2021
Forrest Gump's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

I woke this morning after hot night. Again I didn’t feel like waking up so I snoozed my alarm. I laid around and ate pop tarts. I even had service so I watched some YouTube while I ate. What a treat.

The trail started along the same rim we were on last night. It overlooked a massive ancient lava flow below us. We could see Shasta even better now. Lassen and the rest behind me were completely smoked in. I couldn’t see them at all. I had service so I called family. Within the first 5 miles we came upon some trail magic. No yellow Gatorade so I went for blue. There was candy and baked goods and cold drinks and fresh fruit. I sat and bad watermelon, candy, and some seven layer bars. I moved along and within a quarter mile there was another ice chest full of cold drinks. Sadly I didn’t like the two options: soda or chocolate milk.

I saw what I thought was a jackrabbit at first but then realized was a doe with its little fawn. It bolted away to hide and the mother stared cautiously at me as I walked by. The trail was hot but mostly flat. We gradually descended to a power plant and then along a lake and then up one last climb to the highway where an old lady in a Subaru picked me up from hitching. Jocko was behind and it is his 66th birthday tomorrow so I waved him over and he got in for the ride too. I charged my things at rite aid and got cold drinks. I went to subway and charged up and tried their veggie patties. I went to grocery outlet to get some resupply and wait out the heat. It was 95° out again. I went to the outdoor store but they didn’t have what I needed. The carbide tips on my poles have broken off and I really need them for good traction on rocks. I had Robin order me some on Amazon.

I went to the church where hikers can hang for free and showered. I saw slice, Little Bag, Emma, and Ellen. I felt sad but I decided to move on. Little Bag gave me a hug and said she hoped to see me again. I could have stayed with them but I do want to move a little quicker right now. They were staying the night and taking 5 days to get to Dunsmuir when I plan to in 3. I know I’ll see them again and I hope to. I felt lonely but I went on anyway. I got a hitch and was offered an icy yellow Powerade on the ride over. I hiked 8 more miles to Burney Falls State Park and had dinner and FaceTimed with Robin. A young kid came up to me and offered to show me to the backpackers camp. I followed him for about 10 minutes to the camp and set up. I’m beat. Attempting a 28 tomorrow.

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