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Day 85

Day 85

Forrest Gump Jul 18th, 2021
Forrest Gump's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

I woke today around 5am but needed more sleep and snoozed until 6am. I slept amazing and the sound of the creek was wonderful. The morning was walk very peaceful. It was super flat and easy. It was so cold I needed my jacket too.

I made it to the road for Old Station shortly into the morning and decided to stop for food. I got breakfast with Dirty Knucks and Burps. I was in and out quick since I planned a large day. I moved on and the trail was easy but it was becoming hot and it was a massive burn area. We also had no water for a while. When I stopped after another 8 miles I was at the water. Sadly the water was about .4 down a very steep side trail. It was wonderful when I was down there. It was so cold and clear and delicious. I drank a liter and carried 2 another 8 miles to a water tank.

I cooked dinner at the tank but didn’t eat it. I let it rehydrate as I hiked the final stretch to camp. I arrived and set up overlooking a large lava flow with Mt. Shasta in the distance. You can see Shasta from Oregon so that was elating to see! We are close! Less than 300 miles close.

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