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Day 129

Day 129

Gold Rush Jul 13th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

Last night rained but stopped by morning. Packed up wet tent but inside stayed dry for the most part. Today overcast and humid with warm temps. All of my clothes are soaked from rain and sweat except sleep clothes. Nothing can ever dry with these conditions. Hiked up Pochuck Mountain but no good views. Walked on long boardwalk over swamp and suspension bridge over Pochuck Creek. Got ice cream and lemonade at garden center prior to climbing Wawayanda Mountain. Climb on the AT called “Stairway to heaven”. Some day hikers climbing it as well. Didn’t do lots of miles because tomorrow going to B&B. Hopefully new shoes will be in a package sent there and new shorts. Both of them have holes in them and need replacing.

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