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Day 81

Day 81

Forrest Gump Jul 14th, 2021
Forrest Gump's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

I woke around 5am this morning and tossed around a bit till 5:30am. Some person who showed up last night was obnoxiously yawning in his tent at the same time so loud that we could all easily hear in our spread out tents. I drank some coffee and had breakfast and hit the trail around 6:30. We had a lot of climbs so I pushed up them. I grabbed water at 5 miles in but didn’t break. I caught up to Mosey a few hours in and chatted. At the next road was a cooler with cold water for us hikers.

I breaked after 15.1 miles with no sitting. A new personal record. We were shooting for 30 today. Little Bag, Slice, and Rugy joined me for a break. I stayed only an hour and kept on moving. I was shocked at how good my body felt despite having done lots of miles. The next section had recently burned and was very dusty and at times hard to navigate. It had an eerie feel at times to in a dark shaded forest of black and dead trees.

I stopped again to get water and Rugy wasn’t far behind. I’d done 25 miles and had 5 left. The last 5 were so brutal because the sun and dust were very hot and present. It was super king switchbacks through burnt forests on extremely steep slopes. I finally made it down and we realized we caught Jedi, AB, and Thin Mint. We tried to convince them to come to Quincy tomorrow but had no luck. Oh well. I made dinner, rinsed off in the river, and am in my tent. It is the hottest night I’ve had yet on trail. I’m sweating laying here in my underwear with my tent fly open and all the vents opened. Another 30 mile day done.

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Comments (2)

Forrest Gump Jul 22nd, 2021

Better start training now!

cperry2 Jul 15th, 2021

Jealous, can’t wait to do one with you bruh.