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Day 128

Day 128

Gold Rush Jul 12th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

7/12/21 Left later to start hiking as I didn’t get in until 10:00 PM yesterday. Was raining in AM but stopped. Emailed tech support with Guthook made some adjustments and everything is working. Hiking fairly easy no major rocks and only climb was at the end to the Pochuck Mountain Shelter. Some road walking and walked around Wallkill National Wildlife Refuge. Thunderstorms started around 5:15 PM. Basically has been raining at some point everyday for probably one week. Left NJ briefly went into NY but than came back into NJ. Saw a donkey near surprise shelter. Saw several deer and a cottontail rabbit. Going around wildlife refuge the trail is on long wooden planks. Got to shelter rain briefly stopped so set tent up. Started with thunderstorms again. Trail and shelter quieter than normal. More mosquitoes and biting flies. So far dry in tent but clothes all soaked.

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mgrush Jul 15th, 2021

Oh man - sorry you've had to endure all that rain! Makes it so unpleasant! You are making really good time now - keep it up and you might actually make it to Sarah's wedding!