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Days 74 - 75

Days 74 - 75

Forrest Gump Jul 8th, 2021
Forrest Gump's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

We woke late after sleeping in and went to do our usual chores in Tahoe. We had the luxury of grabbing some goodies at the local Whole Foods. I grabbed about 15 different kinds of bars to test this week so I could maybe order more. I’m sick of Clif bars again.

I woke today around 8 but knew I wanted to sleep in so I kept sleeping. I got my second COVID shot yesterday and am very sore. We finally rolled out of bed around 10. I ran to drop a box at UPS to return my shoes from REI since they replaced mine that ripped after just 300 miles.

We rode Lime scooters around and got some food at the Casino which was meh. We booked an Uber and headed back to the trail. Our driver was very nice but very chatty and we couldn’t hear anything she said since the windows were open. We got on the trail around 1pm and hiked 1.5 to the Echo Lake Chalet where we sat and had a popsicle and Gatorade. We both felt absolutely exhausted. We reluctantly started moving and it may have been the most miserable 5 miles of my hike yet. The climb was gradual but I was so exhausted from lack of sleep and feeling weak from my shot. It was also very very hot out.

Arugula and I met up after another 5 miles and felt awful. We didn’t feel like being on trail today. After a snack and some water and caffeine we left and hiked together. The conversation really helped a lot and in no time we’d gone another 5 and decided to camp. We washed our feet and soaked them then made dinner with folks we met earlier, Lazy Boy and Boom Boom. Lazy Boy had known about HikerFeed and asked about my hat.

I cooked a sad angel hair pasta and burnt it. It turned to a mush and it was so gross I couldn’t finish it. It ended up being an alright day and we are shooting for a big day tomorrow.

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Comments (2)

Forrest Gump Jul 22nd, 2021

It was cool! I’ve had a handful of others know about it and a few use it!

Boston Jul 22nd, 2021

Pretty cool that someone knew about Hikerfeed and asked about it! That must have felt great