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Day 125

Day 125

Gold Rush Jul 9th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

7/9/21 Left the hotel and had a nice breakfast at the local bakery. Hiked thru town and got back on the trail where it crossed the Deleware River along side the loud interstate highway I-80. On the bridge crossed into New Jersey and it felt good to be out of Pennsylvania. Trail in NJ was nice and wide and not too rocky. Easy climb to Sunfish Pond which was beautiful and considered one of NJ 7 natural wonders. Trail around the pond was quite rocky. Then climbed to a long ridge and Kittatinny Mountain. The area reminded me of Straightback Mountain in the Belknap range near my house in Gilford NH. Saw a pair of beautiful White tailed deer and some wild turkeys. It was again hot and humid. Saw only a few other hikers throughout the day. Had a brief thunderstorm. It’s been raining every day. Got delicious cold water and loaded up on it at Rattlesnake Spring as there will be no water where I will be camping. Earlier past by a trail that leads to AMC Mohican Outdoor Center. Again saw some beautiful blooming Rhododendron. Passed a large beaver dam and saw 2 beavers slip into the water and were swimming around. They didn’t seem to be bothered by me. Took pictures of them and you can barely see them. Climbed up a ridge and finally hit the tent site where one hiker was camping in a hammock. Another hiker came by to set up his tent. My brother Allen is going to hike in the dark to meet me and spend the weekend with me. I set up my tent and a thunderstorm with heavy rain started just after I finished setting up my tent. Allen will be hiking in this. Finally the storm departed. It was a long hiking day but quite enjoyable as I saw a lot of things.Passed 1300 mile marker.

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