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Gold Rush Jul 7th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

7/6/21 Got up early concerned about water hoping for trail magic with water catch on next road. Hiked the 0.6 miles and got water from a catch and filled up!! Nearly the last of it. Then hiked up a steep hill and the remainder of the hike was relatively flat but often small rocky trail which slowed down rate of progress. Crossed another road and water catch was used up. Got to Leroy Smith Shelter walked down to it and down 0.2 miles to get nice water from a spring. Made some phone calls and I knew thunderstorms were forecast so I heard thunder got dark and waited in shelter with other hikers. By the time storm had passed it was late like 6:30 PM so set up tent at camping site near shelter. Hung some wet sweaty clothes out to dry and rained again overnight but stayed dry in tent. Anyway booked a room at Rodeway inn in Delaware Water Gap, PA for 2 nights from now mile 1296.1, 20 miles from here plus walking 0.6 miles on the road. Hike yesterday no views rather boring. Will plan on going to Kirk ridge Shelter tomorrow. Brother Allen will join me somewhere in NJ this weekend. No real pictures except White Ash trees getting hit with invasive emerald ash borer an invasive species. We see this up in NH. Sad I think it will kill the trees.

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