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Day 73

Day 73

Forrest Gump Jul 5th, 2021
Forrest Gump's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Today I woke up mostly dry next to the creek. I started up Carson pass and got up and over quickly. It wasn’t that bad of a climb and felt like less of a pass than others have. I climbed down to the road and was met with a little trail magic. There was a little cabin with rangers and a gift shop. They even had WiFi. They invited us in to grab a drink and some snacks. I had a small pack of nutter butters and I grabbed a Dr. Pepper though I’d never had one before. I’ve never liked soda and the first full bottle of soda I had ever was on this trail. I had a sip and thought it was gross and poured it all out. Sorry, Robin.

I left after a short break and climbed up to gorgeous wildflower meadows. I felt tired and was so ready to get to town. We stopped once more for water and a quick break and then had 8 miles to the road where we would hitch. I had an awful shooting pain in my left inner and lower leg. It was so bad that my 3mph average dropped to about 2mph. I met Arugula for one last break with only 2 miles left. I massaged that tendon and by some miracle it didn’t hurt anymore.

We pushed to the road and got a hitch in no time. We were staying at the Hard Rock Casino which was our cheapest option. We reunited briefly with our old trail family for dinner.

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