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Day 93

Day 93

Gold Rush Jun 7th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

6/6/21 Left the hut early for a change and reached the store at big Meadows which was about 8 miles away by 11 AM. It was quite busy got lunch and re-supplied a few items. There was no laundromat there so washed a few things in the sink and all of this took a lot of time. Ultimately only went to the next hut which was rock spring. It was nice getting to the camping spot relatively early and set the tent up. It was quiet there. Saw a lot of deer including mothers with fawns and walked just below the ridge line with excellent views to the west.

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Comments (3)

btzimr Jun 15th, 2021

I was there as a kid… enjoy your hike. :-)

Forrest Gump Jun 11th, 2021

I love the shenandoah! Thanks for sharing this. Brings back good memories.

allentherush Jun 9th, 2021

Big Meadows! We were there as kids back something like the 50 years ago! Around 1970 I'm guessing. I remember camping with that big brown canvas tent, the dual burner Coleman stove, the old metal Coleman cooler, and the station wagon hauling it all - took Dad a long time to pack it up. I also remember our hiking down a trail from Skyline Drive to see waterfalls - I'm guessing it was the Whiteoak Falls Trail. Fifty years later and still hiking!