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Day 54

Day 54

Chris-and-Rick Jun 6th, 2021
Chris-and-Rick's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

PCT mile 907.3 to 927.4 PCT Miles: 20.1

Water, water, delicious water day! As we began hiking this morning we saw a glimpse the Devil’s Postpile across the river. Such an interesting geological formation. Worth a visit.

After a couple of miles, the PCT and JMT split and the PCT headed off north east. We were looking forward to hiking ‘new’ trail again. The morning hike was along the Middle Fork San Joaquin River. The river grew in size as we hiked and soon became a loud churning explosion of water - at one point we think we saw hot springs along the far side. Beautiful.

After about 12 miles the PCT rejoined the JMT at the outflow of Thousand Island Lake. As this is one of our favorite lakes in this area we stopped to soak our feet and soak up the beauty. So many lakes and ponds and lakelets and rivers and streams in one area! Spectacular. Water so clear and inviting. We couldn’t resist drinking straight (no filter) from a small waterfall at one point. Delicious.

Mosquitoes have hatched and they are large and hungry! May need head nets tomorrow. Because mosquitoes hunt humans by using their exquisitely sensitive CO2 sensors to pick up what we exhale Rick had an idea of sucking on eucalyptus cough drops as he hikes. We’ve seen eucalyptus as an ingredient in some insect repellents. Will see if it helps.

Marmots were also out and about along the trail and clearly unfazed by hikers. A couple were very curious and wanted to join us for dinner. Rick said no.

Camped now at about 10,000 ft just about 2 miles and 1000 feet below the wonderful Donahue pass. Maybe we’ll give out autographs at the top.

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Comments (2)

MarcoVelos Jun 8th, 2021

Bravo! Tent pole and Quail.

MarcoVelos Jun 8th, 2021

I remember staggering after you guys in the shadow of the Devil’s Postpile. You guys are making great time. Bravo.