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Day 18-22: Pie Town to Grants

Day 18-22: Pie Town to Grants

Bellows Jun 1st, 2021
Bellows's 2021 CDT Thru-Hike

Pika has been hiking with Squashy and I for about 200 miles now! Closest thing to a trail fam we’ve got so far. He’s a real gem.

This section we took the redline, so we got some sweet scenery in the Chain of Craters and El Malpais scenic monument! Getting stronger by the day, 25-28 feels easy.

Pack broke a load lifter, people I talk to advise emailing Gossamer Gear, apparently very friendly!

Sad to say goodbye to Pika, he has to push onward to make miles before getting off trail for a wedding. We shall meet again.

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