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Day 11-17: Doc Campbells to Pie Town

Day 11-17: Doc Campbells to Pie Town

Bellows Jun 1st, 2021
Bellows's 2021 CDT Thru-Hike

The Gila really provided for this stretch. A 7 day carry quickly turned into a 6 day, our legs are getting stronger.

Natural hot springs, cougar prints, and about 70 crossings of this single river. Oh my!

Definitely super glad to take the Gila alt. The scenery in both the cliffs and water is fantastic. So green and lush and full of life. It gets cold down here! One morning our shoes were frozen right when we got up. Brrr.

Took a zero in Pie town and consumed many pies. Toaster house was glorious.

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