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Day 36 (May 31, 2021)

Day 36 (May 31, 2021)

Shawn Bryan May 31st, 2021
Shawn Bryan's 2021 CDT Thru-Hike

Second zero in Chama

Just a couple of things to talk about today.

With my roommate (Feral) leaving, I decided to change motels both for cost and because the hotel I went to offers rides back to the trail, so no hitchhike.

Since it is Memorial Day and this is a small town, only a couple of restaurants were open for limited hours. Meal times were planned.

The thunderstorms hit as predicted. Heavy rain for several hours and temperatures plummeted. Good choice to stay in town. Some hail as well.

Feral was unable to get a hitch before the rain and stayed in town. (Side note: there appears to be both sexism and ageism involved in hitchhiking success. Maybe a Congressional Commission should look into this...)

I should be back on trail tomorrow. As promised yesterday, I will talk about the gear I will take to the San Juans when I get back to Chama.

Some hikers have now completed the first segment of the San Juans and more are leaving tomorrow. I should have good information on trail conditions when I am back here in five days. Right now the goal is the Colorado border and Cumbres pass. I am excited.

Thank you God for getting me here!

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Comments (3)

Dart17 Jun 7th, 2021

Awesome! Have a great day!

Shawn Bryan Jun 7th, 2021

Made it through New Mexico! Working a mail problem in Chama and itching to get going again into Colorado. Sounds like the snow is melting fast in the San Juan mountains so my delay is working out. BTW: Matt Lewis and his wife picked me up at Cumbres Pass. Really cool.

Dart17 Jun 4th, 2021

Just found out about this app to track you. Impressive. I’ll be rooting for you. Enjoy God’s handiwork - what an adventure! Sean D.