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Day 32

Day 32

Sleuth May 4th, 2021
Sleuth's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Jim dropped me and the Sierra Sisters off today at 0700 hrs at mile 403, skipping the Bobcat fire closure.
I felt good right away and started at a faster pace then them and I never saw them for the rest of the day. In fact they decided they needed a shorter day and are camped 3 miles back. I have an incredible view of the Acton area and the 14 freeway and its super cool. I am very happy my ankle held up. Im hiking with it wrapped and in carrying an ankle brace with me. It felt fine, a little tingy but not bad at all. I was suprised how fast the miles came. I got to where we had settled on (Mills Creek Ranger Station) at 3 pm, way too short of a day so I pushed on a few more miles. It was a 17.8 mile day. Its also way warmer than when I left the pct a week ago. I think the lows are going to be in hi 40s/50. A little different than the 20s that I left. Crazy bad tick area for the last 8 miles. Ive found 2 crawling on my clothes and another on my phone today ( that creeps me out just writing that). I did a serious self tick check when I got in the tent tonight. Ok, that's also creepy.
Lunch today was a Tortilla, salami, cheers, and honey mustard sauce. Dinner was Good To Go Marinara with Pasta, and a Baby Bell thrown in. It was ok, but not as yummy as I'd invisoned. I can't believe I'm still saying this but nothing beats a 37 cent Chicken Raman, and because I'm fancy like that, I take an extra flavor packet to the outside of all the packages. Yummmm PS- orange Skittles ruin the taste of all the other Skittles when you put more than one in your mouth.

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