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Day 8

Day 8

Forrest Gump May 2nd, 2021
Forrest Gump's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Today I woke at around 2am to a loud screaming noise. I realized quickly it was a large cat like a mountain lion or a bobcat. But what I did know was it was very close to my tent. I was a bit freaked out but dozed off again.

I woke again at 4am because I had set my alarm. For once I was warm all night long thanks to my sleeping bag I had sent to me in Warner Springs. Thin Mint and I were tired of the heat from yesterday and decided to get up at 4am to beat it. We got moving in the dark and agreed to stay together because of the large cat we heard. The miles moved by quickly. Soon we’d done 7 and stopped for water. Within minutes of us getting there about 12 people showed up from the surrounding group. They all moved on and Thin Mint and I kept going at a very very very slow pace.

We arrived finally at Mike’s place which was a large water tank and then a house with a place for hikers to hang out. The water tank had a bunch of stickers on the bottom of it and one was a 76ers sticker and I thought of you. Overall it was an interesting place. Everyone was here but was leaving. They’re all faster than me right now which I’m okay with. I’m trying to be very intentional about my body. I felt like even though it was only 14.4 today that it was the most I could and should do. My knees are starting to feel sore and I really don’t want to hurt myself. I hung out for 4 hours and then Thin Mint went on without me.

Sabrina, Haus, and Heather arrived along with two other guys I hadn’t met. One from Mississippi and one from Oregon. We all ate dinner and chatted. Mike’s place lets you camp here so I pitched my tent here in the intense wind and it took a few tries but I did end up getting it. I’m exhausted and want to get a lot of rest. I’m off to bed. It feels like it’ll be a cold night but I should be toasty.

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