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Day 7

Day 7

Forrest Gump May 1st, 2021
Forrest Gump's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

I woke today around 5am and got an early start. Everyone else was also up early and moving. I was actually the second to last out of camp. The sun wasn’t up but it was still stuffy and hot out. I stopped for a quick meditation on a cliff side.

The hike was very gentle and rolling ever so slightly downward to the meadows ahead. We hit the 100 mile marker and I celebrated with Jedi, AB, and Weird Orange. We kept going and made it to get some water. I cameled up and then carried only 1 liter the remaining 8 to town. I needed to get to Warner Springs before 4pm since RobinRocket had sent a box with my sleeping bag in it.

The meadows were lovely and gentle. I called RobinRocket to chat throughout the day and since I was next to a road for a while and could see houses. It made the miles pass quickly. I stopped by the famous “Eagle Rock” and snapped a quick photo and moved on. I made it to the road at12:45 which was pretty good considering it was almost 15 miles. I was able to hitch in with Thin Mint. I got my package and then immediately went to get a lemon lime Gatorade. They were out so I tried some weird cucumber lime kind and I drank 1 liter in what felt like under a minute. It wasn’t too cold but it was colder than what I’ve been drinking and it had flavor. I also grabbed a moon pie and ate that. RobinRocket had sent me a few goodies with my bag including a s’mores candy and some Rice Krispie treats. All of which I ate while breaking.

The whole gang was there but I sat a little to the side of them with Thin Mint. They all feel like a tight knit tramily already so I didn’t want to intrude. Thin Mint and I were offered a cabin in idyllwild in 2 days and a zero on Monday. So we have to do 39 miles in 2 days to get there. We hitched a ride and wanted to go further than 3 more but my legs were too tired. We stopped and had camp and dinner with Sabrina who we’d seen around a bit. She was really nice and I’m glad we had her company. Our camp is right. Kw to a creek and it’s quiet and relaxing though I can hear traffic since I think we are only 1 mile from the road.

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