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Day 56

Day 56

Gold Rush May 1st, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

5/1/21 After getting up in the AM to temps in the mid 30’s weather was perfect. Hiking was fairly easy. Camped at the Trimpi Shelter in the tent. Several other nice tenters in the area including the Professor. Temps expected overnight in the mid 40’s. Part of the AT was rerouted because of a bridge out but took the usual route as water levels weren’t high and it was nothing to cross. Again the White Mountains in NH far worse. Piper’s doing well. Tomorrow 10 mile hike then get a ride to Marion Virginia to resupply and hopefully my new and final tent Big Agnes will be there and send the tent from REI back that I’m not crazy about. Still upset about the tarptent I sent home with Barb. Just couldn’t set it up correctly and took too much time. Have to plan next resupply place. Picture of my favorite tree growing up in MD a Tulip Poplar. Good luck little guy growing up in a tough world in the forest. My favorite tree in NH would be the Balsam Fir but they grow high up in the Spruce/Fir zone. Locally in Gilford I love the Eastern Hemlock, Striped or Moose Maple which doesn’t grow very tall and the Hobble Bush. The last two are growing here. My sister will join me in a month and I’m excited about that. We never really spent any time alone with each other. She has never backpacked but I think she will love it. She is in great physical shape. She is 5 years younger than me and reminds me of my Mom. A great mother and caring person. Piper couldn’t resist her Alligator move in a deep pool the river below Comers Cascade. Everyone in camp gets a thrill when I take her pack off and she rolls on her back for like 10 minutes.

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sarah_727 May 6th, 2021

Piper did some alligator-ing, yes! So glad Aunt Paula will join you, that's so wonderful. Keep trekking!