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Day 5 (April 30, 2021)

Day 5 (April 30, 2021)

Shawn Bryan May 2nd, 2021
Shawn Bryan's 2021 CDT Thru-Hike

Redline mile 70.4 to Lordsburg Econo Lodge, redline mile 84.

Town day! That puts a little pep in your step. I got up easily, ate, and packed up. My campsite was several miles from the valley next to Pyramid Peak, so off that way. Winds were very light and the day started off cool.

Pyramid Peak looked less like a pyramid the closer I got, now looking more rounded and cone like. Odd. More cows in this area, very healthy looking ones with very young calves. In the valley next to Pyramid Peak I saw a herd of seven deer on a hillside. Very cool. The trail had lots of little ups and downs and mostly followed a rough dirt road. Mostly. Suddenly the trail would veer up a wash away from the road only to rejoin it shortly. Sometimes it made sense, other times not. In one case the trail veered sharply right from the road (not marked with a post again) to go uphill when the road took a lower curved path. OK. What I didn’t see was that the trail made you go through a steep and very rocky draw before rejoining the road. Just not necessary in this case.

The last remaining water cache was only several miles ahead so I needed only a liter of water at a solar well where I could collect the water straight from the pipe and not the cow tank. Nice. Not long after the trail veered sharp right off the road for the last time and crossed a fence. There was a marker, but facing the wrong way. Sigh.

The next 5 miles (including the last cache) were beautiful and rugged, with lots of moderate ups and downs and lots of volcanic rock. There were signs of previous small mining operations scattered around. (I will have to find out what was mined later.) As normal the wind started picking up, but not much, with moderate temperatures. It seemed to fly by. Before I knew it I could see parts of Lordsburg. I finally made it the the paved road going to the Econo Lodge, and to the hotel.

Though it was before check-in time, they had a room available and I quickly went to shower. Lots of dirt came off. I decided to zero tomorrow. Though I feel good and only a little sre I feel it is best to let my body recover before pressing on. First segment done!

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