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Day 29

Day 29

Sleuth May 1st, 2021
Sleuth's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

I picked up the Sierra Sisters from Wrightwood today. We stopped in at Mountain Hardware because they were giving out PCT pins to the first 250 thrus that came in. And we snagged one each! Score. For a tiny store they really cater to the PCT hikers. I bought a set of insoles there that I'd been planning on buying at REI. I'd rather give my money to a small business. Then we drove down to the REI in Grenada Hills where Carols husband was going to meet us. Found a pair of hiking pants and shorts for this next leg, as ive lost weight while hiking. Ive only been hiking in pants so far but I think ill switch to shorts for the Sierra's. Actually I jumped on the scale and ive only lost 8 lbs but several inches.
Two more days until I jump back on trail. I also went thru all my resupply and tried to come up with a plan for the next 3 weeks. I succeeded in spreading all my stuff over the entire living room. It looks like a thru hikers store blew up in my front room. Ill finish tomorrow.
Tonight we all went over to Karen's for pizza and cards. All the kids, all the dogs. Got some sniggle time with baby Ryan and then played connect 4 with Eric. He reminded me I promised to find him gold on my adventure. Grandmas got to come through with something when I get back or my name will be mud. I was thinking I'd find some gold chocolate coins. I also have some sharks teeth I found while wreck diving, maybe I can also bring home. When I was walking him back to our house for a bath from Nana's house he said this was the best day ever because of the pizza and cards and dogs...my grandson is a smart little cookie.

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