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Day 6 - Scissors Crossing to 94.4

Day 6 - Scissors Crossing to 94.4

Forrest Gump Apr 30th, 2021
Forrest Gump's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Today I woke up at 6 feeling tired but not sore. I grabbed some water and hit the trail by 7:45 which was much much later than planned. The sun was very hot and the climb was a little steep first thing in the morning. It would’ve felt fine in the shade though. I kept on and met Thin Mint and eventually saw Rachel. She passed by me again. I also saw Bruce which I was surprised by because I didn’t see him pass me the night before. He’s gone by scissors crossing when I was in Julian.

The day had lots of climbs that were minor but the sun was absolutely relentless. It was so hot and I had to keep taking breaks. My goal was to get to the water cache at 14.5 and take a siesta. I arrived and walked the long trail to a few pallets of gallon jugs. When I was back, Rachel, Thin Mint, and I hung out. Rachel invited us to zero and stay in her brothers cabin in Idyllwild which we’re going to do.

They left to keep going and I stayed back and was going to set up camp. I was low on water and walked the trail to get a liter and saw a rattlesnake. I tossed a rock near it and it slithered away rattling at me. I made dinner and decided to carry it with me to camp and eat there. The hike felt so easy considering the sun was setting and I was on the east ridge in the shade for most of it. When I crested the ridge I saw Heather who I’d met earlier with another girl who’s name I never got. There was a rattlesnake in the bushes and the path was narrow with a steep drop to one side. I don’t even know how a snake could get up here unless they used the trail. I tossed more rocks near it to scare it off but it just made it mad and come closer. A couple more and it slithered into some rocks and we all ran past it.

I arrived at camp and there were like 8 of us. We all sat and ate and laughed and it felt really great. I only have 15 miles or so to Warner Springs in the morning which will be excellent. I can get there midday and relax during the heat. I’m at mile 94.4 right now which means I’ll hit 100 tomorrow. Crazy!

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Forrest Gump May 3rd, 2021

Thank you!!

pctghoht May 1st, 2021


Gahdnah Hiker May 1st, 2021

Gotta love it!