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Day 28

Day 28

Sleuth Apr 30th, 2021
Sleuth's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Ok...so plans made. Im going back to trail Monday at O dark 30. The plan is ill drive up to Wrightwood tomorrow morning and pick up the Sierra Sisters and drive them to the REI in Grenada Hills. They both need stuff and its the half way point where Carol lives. Her hubby will pick them up. They were both able to get vaccine appointments for Sunday. After their appointments they will get a ride up here and spend the night at our house. Then Channon is going to drive us back to trail at O dark 30 to mm 403, around the Bobcat closure. I know I said I wasn't going to redo my backyard miles but it will be a week off trail, time enough to heal up. Ill return to trail and bring tape to tape the ankle. And returning to miles ive already done (over and over and over) now doesn't seem so bad. They are knowable miles. Not terribly hard, and a good way to test the ankle and get the trail legs back. Today I took Channon and Sydney out to breakfast (as I told her, to repay her for all she's done for me on trail AND for all she WILL do for me on trail prob all the way up through Mammoth).
So funniest thing happen today. I had been contacted by a female hiker for a ride around the Bobcat closure today at 2pm today. The pic on her fb was a tiny thing. I knew she had to be in my bubble so there was a good chance I'd at least seen her. A couple hrs before I head up there she messages me and asks if I have room for 3 other hikers. I say sure, we can make that work. I roll up there to pick them up...its Snuggles, Sunshine, Capt Obvious and Shake. We had the biggest laugh. Capt Obvious and Shake are on their 2nd long trail working on their triple crown and the other 2 i keep running into. As it turned out Sunshine was waiting for her mom to pick her up but the other 3 climbed in. It was so nice it was them. Poor Capt got really car sick getting down from Wrightwood and then back up Angeles Crest Highway. We had to stop several times. Took longer than we expected but this trail is just so giving...I should have known it would be them. Somehow having 3 stinky people you know and like in your car isn't as bad as having 3 stinky hikers you don't know. It was Jims Birthday today. It was nice being home for that. We ordered Stonefire and brought it over to Channon and Dean's. They made him a cake. It was a great day, and made even better now that I know when im getting back on.

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