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Day 4

Day 4

beccarae Apr 30th, 2021
beccarae's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Another awesome day! Ended up hiking with Jo for most of the day. Got to know him a little bit more and about what he’s doing out here. We came to the fork in the trail that takes people to Mount Laguna. Originally I was going to skip but then Cat Dog showed up and the trio walked into town for a nice meal. Had a veggie burger with some fries. And a fruit cup. Amazing how delicious food is when you just hiked from Mexican border just a few days ago.

Got back on trail after the meal, where he stopped a few miles later at a picnic area to camp. There ended up being about 10 of us that showed up. The farther I go, the more hikers I see it seems.

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